Here are the perfect golf betting games to play with a foursome

These four games are great to play with a foursome, especially if it is a group you play with regularly. They are fun because you can switch partners and some of the games the bets run for a couple of holes and you can give your buddies a hard time during each bet.

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The Bear
The first player to win a hole holds the “Bear” and the bear is then worth one point. When another player wins a hole outright he then gets the bear. At each time the bear changes hands the points are doubled to the value of the bear. The player holding the bear at the end of the first nine and the second nine win the accumulated point value.

For example:
If the bear was taken away 4 times during the first nine the player holding the bear at the end of the nine would get 8 points since the first bear is worth 1 point, the second bear worth 2 points, the third bear worth 4 points and the final bear would be worth 8 points.

Satan’s Choice
In this game it is beneficial to know your handicap or at least have a good idea since it will be used to determine the strokes you will get for the round.

Instead of using your handicap and getting strokes on the most difficult rated holes on the course you can use your strokes on any hole during the round. For example, if you are a 15 handicap and your opponent is a 10 handicap you would get 5 strokes throughout the round.

You must tell the other players prior to teeing off on a hole if you are using your strokes on the hole and you can use as many strokes as you like up to the allotted amount on any one hole.
This game is suited for match play or with another game that the points are determined by total score.

A game popularized by TV, skins can be played by individuals or by teams. Once you determine the point value of each skin (you might want to make par 3’s less or more than par 4’s) the player who wins the hole collects the skin. If no player wins then the value of the skin carries to the next hole and added to that skin.

The player that wins the skin also wins the accumulated points.

Round Robin
This is a fun team game that gets each player to play some hole with everyone in the foursome during the round. The round is divided into three segments of six holes and called a match.

After each segment the players switch partners so by the end of the round each person has played six holes with each other.

When a team wins a match (six hole segment) each player on the winning team gets a point.

This game can be played in conjunction with other side bets and games and you can even play different games to determine the points for each segment and not just play net score.

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